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Carpet Cleaning

With over 20yrs. experience in Bringing Carpets Back to Life!


Air Duct Cleaning

Maintaining your HVAC system is essential to having a healthy home


Floor Cleaning

Maintain the beauty of your hardwood/LVT/LVP/Engineered flooring to enhance the beauty of your home


Tile Cleaning

Tile & Grout is So Hard to Clean! Let Doctor Clean’s Experts Do It For You!

Carpet, Air Duct, Floor & TILE Cleaning Company in Lawrence, Topeka & Johnson County

The largest air filter in your home is your carpet.

Having a clean carpet and tile & grout cleaning done by a professional is essential to keeping your home clean and healthy

The most effective and most beneficial treatment to eliminate deeply ground-in dirt and germs in your carpet and grout are DR. CLEAN’S Professional Carpet Cleaning and Tile and Grout Cleaning Services.

Our professionals are specifically trained to eliminate dirt, dust, discolorations, allergens, and germs using our expert truck-mounted carpet cleaning system.

By choosing DR. CLEAN’S highly skilled professional Clean carpet and tile cleaning services, you’ll not just eliminate unhealthy dirt that builds up over time; your carpet, tile, and grout will be left feeling and looking restored.

How does DR. CLEAN carpet cleaning Lawrence & Topeka make this take place? By checking high traffic and problem areas, our team will deal with difficult stains using a custom approach that works for your carpet’s fibers and existing conditions.

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It could not be easier to have Dr. Clean do a house call and prescribe the needed solutions.


Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts get filled with dust mites, dust, dander, hair, crumbs, crayons, dirt, insect bodies and many other items.

Let Dr. Clean come out and make sure your air ducts are clean! We take your health seriously and we believe that a clean home is a healthy home.


Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning removes the collected skin oils, dirt, grime, pet dander, and hair.

Who knows what has been spilled that needs to be spot cleaned? It is important to keep your upholstered furniture clean.

You will be happy you did and so will your furniture. Your investment in clean upholstery will lengthen the life of your sofa and chairs.

Let Dr. Clean come out and make sure your air ducts are clean! We take your health seriously and we believe that a clean home is a healthy home.

  • Smoke, cooking oil, germs, and allergens gather in your carpet damaging the fibers, and some detergents and shampoos may trigger additional damage. Only deep, professional carpet cleaning by our professionals can preserve the life and beauty of your financial investment.
  • DR. CLEAN utilizes an innovative, truck-mounted carpeting cleaning system that carefully eliminates even the most ground-in dirt, odors, and persistent stains bringing your carpet back to life and smelling fresh.
  • Our highly trained professionals will inspect any problem areas with heavy foot traffic, pet spots, and odor, and choose the most suitable technique of cleaning for your carpet.
  • After applying a non-toxic emulsifier, we utilize our specially-engineered, truck-mounted vacuum system to draw out loosened dirt and oils.
  • Our technicians can also apply special treatments such as deodorizers or a protective covering that resists dirt and prevents staining and extends your carpet cleaning service.

Bring Your Carpets Back to Life!

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