Carpet Repairs & Stretching

Making a lasting impression is important. Chances are the first thing a person will notice when they visit your home is how your carpet and floors have been maintained. Quit putting throw rugs over the problems and deal with the issues that hamper the appearance of your carpet over time. Carpet repairs and stretching can be the answer to your problems.

Common Problems that may require Carpet Repair

If you have a smoker in the home, one of the most common problems is burns. A dropped ember can leave an unsightly burn mark. To make a carpet repair, you need to have the burned area replaced with a matching piece of carpet. When done correctly it is virtually invisible.

If your carpet starts to exhibit bumps or waves, this can be simply fixed by having your carpet stretched. Sometimes the carpet comes loose from the original install and sometimes the carpet just stretches out. If you do not have this repair done and have the carpet stretched it can result in a trip and fall at worst and a visible blight in the least.

Other Problems that need Carpet Repair and Stretching

Over time your carpet can lose its luster, it can get flat and not have the lift that it used too. The carpet should not have a stiff feel but remain soft. This condition can be greatly improved with carpet cleaning, raking and trimming. Sand and grit from your shoes, cleaning products that have left residue and just normal wear will take its toll on the carpet. Professional steam cleaning can restore your carpet to something that is much more attractive.

Tears, holes, and worn spots can be taken care of in several different ways. Many times replacing the area with a matching piece of carpet is the best way to repair these problems. It is important that you have this done by someone who knows carpet repair and stretching so you do not end up with a patchwork look.

Fibers that have come loose or have been pulled by your vacuum cleaner can really destroy the look of a carpet especially in Berber where it is really noticeable. Making sure that loose carpet fibers are properly removed can minimize the chance of further damage.

Damaging floods or spilled liquids can leave a carpet smelling like mildew and be a prime place for mold growth. Carpet Repair and stretching may not be needed but even relative small amounts of liquid can be very difficult to extract yourself, a shop vac just will not get enough liquid sucked up. Water in the carpet can be a health issue causing respiratory problems and allergies. Once the liquid is extracted our team of professionals can determine if further action needs to be taken, such as dehumidifiers and floor fans. Whether or not base boards need to be pulled or not. We can treat the area with enzymes that can eliminate mildew and odor as well.

Dr. Clean is a full service carpet cleaning company that can take care of carpet repairs & stretching as well as all of your other floor cleaning needs.

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