How To Find the #1 Best Carpet Cleaning Company

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Are you looking to find the best carpet cleaning company to make sure that your carpets stay clean? To remove pet hair and pet odors, to remove carpet spots and stains? How do you choose the best company to do the work?

The top factors in choosing the best carpet cleaning company!

  • Reviews or Reputation
  • Availability
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Professionalism

Carpet Cleaning Company Reviews

One of the first things you can do is look at the reputation of the carpet cleaning companies near you that you are considering using. A review of the company is like a neighbor sharing who had excellent service, and they recommend or whom to avoid at all cost.

When you invite someone into your home to provide a service, it is crucial to hire a carpet cleaning firm with great professional reviews. Has good availability to get your services done. The correct qualifications to clean the carpet and experience to solve problems like pet odors, pet stains, ground in dirt, spots, and spills. In addition to knowing what to do with loose carpet or carpet that needs spot dyeing.

Why choose Dr. Clean Professional Carpet Cleaning?

First are Dr. Clean reviews! We encourage you to check out what our customers say about us! We strive to provide fast service that solves your carpet problems in a prompt, professional manner. When you read reviews that Dr. Clean has gotten from hundreds of satisfied customers, you will have that recommendation from a friend who would only recommend a carpet cleaning company near you with an excellent reputation.

When Is Dr. Clean Carpet Cleaning Available?

We are busy but have a system that allows you to book online if you wish. Our online booking system shows you exactly our availability to get your carpet cleaned on your schedule.

Of course, you can always call, fill out our form to have a Dr. Clean online estimate with your square footage, or message us on Facebook to have questions answered. We are one of the most available carpet cleaning companies in Topeka, Kansas, and the Lawrence, KS area.

What Qualifications Should a Carpet Cleaning Technician Have?

The most important qualification is to have a professional that cares about your carpet as much as you do. Is there a training program for their technicians, and do they stay on top of the most current standards in professional carpet cleaning?

Have they taken courses from the IICRC – Institute of Inspection Cleaning? TMF Academy? SFS?

These programs provide instruction on the latest methods and standards for quality carpet care. Randall Blackwell, one of Doctor Cleans founders, has taken:

Randall’s education does not include the information he studies from trade magazines and supplier training materials.

You can feel confident that Dr. Clean Carpet Cleaning technicians have the most current knowledge and information available. To make sure that you are being cared for with the highest standards of carpet or upholstery care no matter what your carpet, tile floors, furniture, or air ducts need.

What experience should the best carpet Cleaning company have?

Randall has spent over 20 years taking courses and, more importantly, caring about and having pride in the job he does for you. This caring is why Dr. Clean has so many repeat customers and why our reviews are so great. It would be best if you were not dissatisfied, and we will work diligently to make sure that we can earn your five-star review just as so many of our other customers have. We want you as a customer for life!

We are not saying that someone will not provide good service just starting, but experience does matter. Knowing what to do on the many types of spots that get ground into carpet requires good equipment and knowledge. Knowledge of carpet that can’t be learned in a course alone. It requires taking that course work and removing the spots, grime, removing pet stains, and doing it well for decades.

There are many good carpet cleaning companies out there, and we count ourselves at the top. As far as a carpet cleaning company, Doctor Clean is second to none. Our customers can tell you how we do.

How important is professionalism in getting the carpet cleaned?

We say it is critical! Your carpet is one of the most significant investments you make in your home or office. Suppose you want to extend the life of your carpet. In that case, you need to have it cleaned by someone who has the best equipment available, like truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment that does not leave dry residue on your carpet when finished. Also, the company has the professional experience to deal with whatever situation arises.

The US commercial cleaning industry loses up to 55% of its customers each year, primarily because of shoddy quality work or not showing up for appointments (franchisechatter.com)

Whether you have commercial carpeting or need your carpet cleaned at home, you should have someone with experience and reliability. Whether it is a flooded basement, a big spill, routine maintenance, cleaning to remove common household allergens, dust, dander, pet stains, or other grime that gets ground into your carpet, having a professional company take care of this significant investment is a wise choice.

What is the most effective carpet cleaning method?

According to Angie’s List, the typical carpet cleaning process that service companies use is:

  • Wet cleaning
  • Cleaning with an absorbent pad
  • Dry cleaning with an absorbent compound
  • Dry foam – rotary shampoo method

Wet cleaning is commonly called steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

This carpet cleaning method is the choice of Dr. Clean. It benefits from allowing us to pretreat the carpet with various treatment options like enzymes or pre-treatment products that dissolve the dirt and grime and loosen stains bound to carpet fibers.

Then heated water is pressurized and injected into the carpet. A strong vacuum built into the equipment quickly and effectively gets the deepest clean possible in the carpet.

With carpet steam cleaning, there is a short drying time. To have a healthier home or the cleanest commercial carpeting, it is worth the short wait of a couple of hours to dry.

People ask, does steam carpet cleaning really work?

If you want a deep clean, then hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the right choice.

Most carpet manufacturers and cleaning experts recommend this method.

    Absorbent Pad Cleaning or Bonnet carpet cleaning

    This type of carpet cleaning can be used but only cleans the top third of the carpet fibers. For lightly soiled carpet, this can give the appearance of a clean carpet on the surface, but it will miss the soil that works its way down to the base of the carpet.

      Dry cleaning with an absorbent compound

      This cleaning method takes a compound that can absorb dirt. A compound is added to the flooring and is agitated. Afterward, it is vacuumed up.

      This method can cause a home to experience more dust, does not deep clean the carpet, and the compound may be left in the carpet and build up over time.

        Dry foam or rotary shampoo method

        When using a dry foam, an agent is placed in the carpet. Then it is aggressively agitated, creating a foam that loosens dirt particles. It is effective at agitating the carpet. After the process, the foam is vacuumed up. The drying time is short as a result of less water used.

        This method does not achieve a higher heat generally and only cleans the surface of the carpet effectively.

        We hope you choose Dr. Clean. We know there are many choices and also other good companies in Topeka, Lawrence, and the surrounding area that you could pick to clean your home or business.

        We believe that having your carpet cleaned professionally by Dr. Clean is the best choice based on the knowledge and experience of our technicians, the cleaning methods we use, our equipment, and recommendations from our incredibly loyal customers who keep coming back.

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