Carpet Care in the Winter – If Snow & Iсе Melt Attack, Battle!

Winter is here, snow and ice means ice melt, rock salt, and sand will be sticking to your feet and getting tracked onto your floors including your carpet. These chemicals can ruin your flooring and carpet. Taking care of your floors during this time period is critical.

If you have hardwood floors, you will need to pay attention to it more often during the winter. Wiping up any visible salt or ice melt. You may want to put a layer of wax on your floor to provide and extra barrier and to assist in protecting the beauty of the wood.

When ice melts and mixes with the dirt tracked in, it can damage the carpet. It does this by wearing away the fibers, staining and the worst problem is growing mold. Mold can grow very quickly in a warm moist environment (your home). Make sure that you have mats or somewhere to take off wet shoes before getting your carpet wet!

The white residue from ice melt in not just unattractive it too can damage carpet. If not removed your carpet can over time show wear. Carpet care in the winter is essential to keep your carpet looking new.

The quality of your air is something else to consider, if you do not remove moisture and mold. Stale mildewed air is not pleasant for anyone to breath and in fact could possibly be harmful to your health. Having a fresh odor free environment improves the look and feel of your business.

Dr. Clеаn Cаrреt Cleaning Services tеаm is dedicated tо helping the арреаrаnсе of your home, office or commercial building. We always strive to provide a five star carpet cleaning service….every-time.

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